Friday, 26 October 2012

back in the saddle

So I have been off line for a bit lately, I am actually three week behind now. I have been a bit of a crazy woman lately trying to do everything at the same time... you know what it's like.

But I’m not going to throw in the towel; I am just going to pick up where I left off.

I know I’m not suppose to make excuses.. but here are my excuses:

Baby in hospital – poor little munchkin' (don’t worry bubs is all okay now)… but being stuck in hospital for three days was bad enough – but believe it or not there was a MacDonald’s down in the canteen… WTF?? who has a MacDonald’s at a children’s hospital?? Well KK’s Singapore does!! So that was what I ate for three days with no work outs... naughty naughty....

My Second lost week was due to preparing for the most grueling job interview process ever .. so that took up a whole lot of evenings (got the job though… yah!)

The third week was lost due to visitors… which ended up incorporating this:

And this:

And then this:

While doing a whole lot of sight seeing in Singapore (I had a great week thanks!)

But now I am back to it.

Two good motivating points this week have been…

Yesterday I was working out at the condo gym (the gym size is tiny… it squeezes in three treadmills, a bike, a x-trainer and some free weights in a 10ft by 6ft space… and I say squeeze, I mean squeeze..Squeeze as in me trying to fit back into my old size eight jeans kinda squeeze)…


Motivation Point One: Yesterday I was bicep curling away and this little guy doing weights next to me went ‘Wow you’re really strong!’ I was curling 2kg more than him… awwwww.

Motivation Point Two: Tonight I had an amazing work out, I was all about form and posture… and it had nothing to do with the hottest guy EVER being in the gym (remember the tight squeeze I told you about… ) so I was all standing tall, sucking my belly in and smiling at the mirror as I pretended it was all no effort…..

well it's all about what motivates you isn't it????

Lucky Hubby doesn’t read my blog!

Anyway…. As I said I am back and ready to roll… I have maintained weight the last three weeks so I just have to start working a bit harder to lose those last 5kg and just be nice and give me an extra three-week credit okay…. 

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  1. That is very strange to have McDonalds at a hospital! Good to hear you little on is ok